Focus and Scope

Context: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is the biannual peer-reviewed journal of the Center for Advanced Studies in Sarajevo. It is committed to the advancement of interdisciplinary research into the most pressing current and emerging social and political issues. These include those of human rights and freedoms; inter-religious encounters; pluralism and diversity; sustainable development; and the implications of accelerated globalization. Context publishes humanities and social science research that contributes to a better understanding of key moral and ethical issues, through the creative cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives, and methodologies. In an effort to bridge cultures, it may occasionally publish translations of significant articles. The journal aims to reach a wide international audience, to which young researchers and academics can present their work and connect with established experts.

Context accepts articles, book reviews, commentaries, opinion essays, and translations. Authors whose papers are accepted for publication will sign a statement confirming the originality of the work, and a consent form that allows their work to be published in the journal’s online and print formats. The journal retains all copyright and publishing rights.